The Continent of Summer

In the middle of Prognatus you will find the continent of Summer, a central island in the wast blue ocean around it. It’s also often considered to be the largest of the four continents, but no one has really charted out the total area of Summer.
But hear me, hear me, traveler, you won’t be able to see a more diverse nature than on Summer. Spanning from East to West, you will travel through hilly landscapes, planes, deserts, mountains and even rain-forests! There’s also some strange constructs out in the wilderness, some say they have seen a silvery spire in the middle of the Drylands, the sprawling and waterless desert of the heart of Summer. But those are just myths, as no one has ever been close enough to actually confirm or deny the existence of this mythic structure.
I have included in this entry a list of some of the Kingdoms and City States that you might find interesting, fair adventurer!

Kingdoms & City States

City States
There’s no other continent on Prognatus, well maybe not compared to Autumn, that has as many City States as Summer, so I find that as the author of this “travel-guide” I should inform you of some of them.

Kingdoms and Provinces
As any continent, there’s bound to be a larger group of cities and towns under the protection of a greater governing body. Just as a friendly reminder to you traveler, here’s a list of them.


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