Point Harbour

The City State of Point Harbour
-The City of the Three Rivers

Located on the Eastern coastline of Estaroth, Point Harbour is a well-travelled and often considered to be one of the oldest harbour cities on the Continent. The city itself is considered a City state, free form the main governing bodies of the several other kingdoms in the West and South. The city itself houses about twenty-five to twenty-seven thousand, due to the constant influx of traders’ merchants, travellers and the ever present slave-trade.

The structure of the city is based around the three rivers running through it. The main parts are as follows:
The Harbour District, where you will find the docks, Taverns & Inns, and of course slums.

The second, and largest part of the City is the Common Chapters. In the Chapters you can find the Great Markets, more taverns, a bath house of two, blacksmiths and other traders. There’s a lot to discover in the Chapters, hidden in the many alleyways you can find small shops and shady bars hidden on corners.
You will also find the main housing here in the Common Chapters, most commonfolk live here in diversity of almost all the common races of the world.
The last, and smallest of the three parts is the Citadel, and here you will find the housing of the Great Houses of Point Harbour, the houses of high standing merchants and nobles. And at the end of the street, you can find the Council Forum, where the Council of [WIP]; the governing body of Point Harbour.

Great Houses
There’s many houses and families in Point Harbour, but only so many of the Greater ones, and if you see your travels to this city; make sure to know who they are and what they do.

Point Harbour

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