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Welcome traveler to the “Encyclopedia Prognatus – An Adventurers’ Guidebook”.

Written by – The Unnamed Scribe

Welcome, traveler; adventurer; Sellsword and commoner to the Guide that will help you through your travels on the four continents of our marvelous world. I’m here to present, to share my expertise in the fields of travel and social events that you might get used for in travels.
Hereunder you will find useful information about the world of Prognatus, information about important events and locations that you as an adventurer would need to know on your ventures!
I daresay, there’s more to this than meets the eye, and thanks to some nifty spells a cleric once taught me when making books… Thanks to this nifty spell, you will be able to choose certain keywords, often highlighted by said spell, to bring you to a page where you can find even more information about the topic said Word contains. Why not try it out on the provided Index I’ve picked out as natural starting points, just as a friendly reminder of what you can see out there, and what is good to know about the previous Eras of Prognatus.

~ The Unnamed Scribe



The World
The world of Prognatus is split into four major continents:

Locations of Interests,
or locations that don’t have any connections with the main Continents.

The Pantheon

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