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Welcome to The Unravelling,

“Welcome Adventurer to the world of Prognatus, split in four between the the Continents of Seasons; all under the same sky and Gods in the Aether.
It’s a world of civil folk, murderers, blood-lusty Sorcerers and Races from those standing to the knees of men and the top of trees.
Aye, welcome, welcome to the change of history, where the Magic of Old returns, where the fabric of what is common slowly unravels under the surface.”

There you have it, a new story started and a new story told.
The wiki is being fleshed out by our DM Bacon, and his Helper; GhostBox.
It will be filled with what you will need to know about the different continents, cities, history of Previous eras and more to come.


Home Page

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